Interview Record-Zheng Mu-qun【Executive Director of the Lee Teng-hui Foundation】

Lee Teng-hui基金會-鄭睦群

Name of the interview Executive Director of the Lee Teng-hui Foundation
Date of interview 01/12 (Thu)
Interview time 2:00~4:00pm
Location of the interview Tamkang High School Alumni Hall
Interviewee Zheng Mu-qun
Interviewer Huang Wen-mao
Recorder Man Liu You-ci, Guo Rong-yu
Purpose of the interview I want to have an in-depth understanding of Lee Teng-hui's history, his political contributions in Taiwan, and the purpose and motivation of his trip.

  At this Internet Expo, we will take Mr. Lee Teng-hui as the topic. We invited Mr. Cheng Mu-kun, CEO of the Lee Teng-hui Foundation, to be interviewed and to explain to us the fact that Mr. Lee Teng-hui also learned from the book and Mr. Lee's daughter that the purpose of establishing the foundation is also to pass on Mr. Lee Teng-hui's faith to future generations.

1.About Lee Teng-hui's childhood
  When President Li was a child, he was a very shy person, and because his father was a criminal police officer, he would always change bureaus, resulting in President Li constantly changing schools in elementary school, coupled with President Li's own introverted personality, there were not many good friends who heard him mention before middle school. Under the influence of these factors, President Li likes to be alone, so President Li loves to "read", because books are to be able to read at any point in time, but also to accompany themselves all the time, at that time their family was in business, and Dad was a criminal policeman, and the economy was relatively stable, President Li would ask his father to buy encyclopedias for him to see, which was his interest before middle school.

2.Describe Lee Teng-hui in one sentence
  President Li himself is honest and natural, in one sentence he is "very firm and strong-willed", but his means can be compromised. At that time, Taiwan's diplomatic relations continued to decline, and Lee Teng-hui felt that he could not continue to slack off after coming to power, so he developed a new diplomacy Pragmatic diplomacy, coupled with the fact that Taiwan's economy was climbing up at that time, there were many silver bullets that could be used. When Lee Teng-hui visited Singapore in 1989, Singapore called him "the president from Taiwan," and Lee Teng-hui replied that "although he is not satisfied, he can accept it." Pragmatic means that my title can be compromised, my negotiation occasions can be compromised, my path may be a little farther, but my goal is very clear. If you look deeper into him as a person, you will find that in President Li's life, he cannot do things now, but he knows what to do and accomplish, and he will slowly move forward. In modern times, he was scolded very badly, because he was the first to reform, the Kuomintang could not agree to his reform of the DPP, he was under a lot of pressure, and his life was based on four words "persistence and compromise".

3. How Lee Teng-hui treats his children
  The eldest son Li Xianwen, the eldest daughter Li Anna, and the second daughter Li Annie. In President Li's life, the education of children is open, that is, what path you want to do, you can choose by yourself, but you choose to be responsible to the end, President Li will not want his children to follow the same political line as himself, doing his favorite thing is the most important, the CEO also learned from Chairman Annie Li that President Li is clearly divided between public and private at home, and the face of the family will see anything related to the Tongtong Mansion, including stationery and paper, etc. The CEO also said that Chairman Annie Li was in a state where President Li discussed things, and President Li was tolerant to give some suggestions. Lee Teng-hui and his second daughter, Anne Lee, are both very thoughtful people, the chairman is a feminist, and ideas often collide, such as the issue of same-sex marriage. But I got along well with my dad, taking turns listening and discussing. So, in our view, President Lee treats his children very harmoniously.

4.President Lee Teng-hui enters Tamkang Middle School
  At that time, President Li told his parents to go to Japan's first higher school, but his father told him that he could not pass the exam, President Li compromised, and then President Li decided to enter the old system of Taipei universities, but President Li first went to Tamjiang Middle School to study before entering Taipei universities, and studied there for 2-3 years to apply for the exam, President Li was studying at Tamjiang Middle School all the time, beyond the progress of learning, because President Li knows that Tamkang Middle School is a school that exclusively accepts Taiwanese to further their education, However, there is a gap in the degree compared with Taipei universities, so they continue to exceed the progress to prepare for learning; Kendo was the most common sport in President Lee's middle school, kendo is President Lee's home school, because his father is a criminal police officer so he has to know kendo, at that time, the kendo coach at Tamkang Middle School was good friends with President Lee's uncle, so he asked the kendo coach to take good care of President Lee, and as a result, he kept beating President Lee to ask President Lee to join the kendo club, and President Li said, "I'm here to study, not to exercise." As a result, the more President Li did not join, the more miserable the kendo coach fought, and finally joined the kendo club, which was President Lee's longest contact with the sport in middle school, President Li read every day and night, excellent grades President Li did not complete five years of middle school, in the fourth grade, skipped to Taipei Higher School, then the higher school was the only channel in Taiwan Island that could go to university, President Li was the first person admitted to a higher school in Tamsui Middle School at that time, so it caused a sensation from his hometown Sanzhi to Tamsui.

5.Lee Teng-hui on the other side

  At first, he was not the leading figure that everyone thought he was, and although he liked to read as a child, his grades were not particularly excellent. After making up his mind to go to college, the degree is different from that of the Tamjiang period. As he grew older, he began to use time to think about the meaning and value of life and existence. After rectifying the situation, Lee Teng-hui chose to work in agriculture, hoping to rely on his own efforts to feed and feed everyone. Holding the concept of keeping everyone from being exploited in the capitalist system, he performed very well and was seen by the world, and after becoming Chiang Ching-kuo's right-hand man, he successively served as a commissioner, mayor, chairman of the council, vice president, and president, assisting in the construction of the reservoir... 。
  Lee Teng-hui used his composure to get the party and the National Assembly down, and when he was completely unfavored, he stood firm and slowly carried out reforms. However, during the reform period, there was also a lot of controversy and hatred, but it had no impact on Lee Teng-hui, because his feelings for Taiwan supported his mission. Keep him moving towards his goal. Even though Taiwan does not have many countries with diplomatic relations, he has laid the foundation for diplomacy. He believes that titles and paths can be compromised, but they must be moved forward step by step.