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  Lee Teng-hui is the most published president in the political history of the Republic of China, with 13 oral books alone, and in 2015 he also launched "New . Taiwan's Proposition", expounding the way out for Taiwan after two political party rotations over 16 years.

  Lee Teng-hui published "Managing Greater Taiwan" in 1994 and "Taiwan's Proposition" in 1999, respectively, in which the book "Taiwan's Proposition" examined the course of the Communist Party of Chinese mainland and Taiwan from colonization to democratization, and put forward many sorting, thinking, reflection, and expectations on the context of the Asian regime at that time and the development of Taiwan's identity.

  In 2009, the first year that the KMT took back the central government, Lee Teng-hui continued his efforts and published "Conditions for Supreme Leaders", in which he used to be a national leader as a starting point and integrated his own experience and research to help the people elect ideal and excellent leaders, urge leaders to do a good job and create more happiness in society.

  Lee Teng-hui also published "Where Taiwan Is Going in the 21st Century," in which the content of "Where Taiwan is Going in the 21st Century" bitterly criticized the so-called "maintaining the status quo" on both sides of the strait, which is to postpone one's own inner desires indefinitely and drift freely in the rapidly changing world with a closed mentality. It clearly shows the consciousness of the spirit of Taiwan independence, and this book was published about six months after President Xi Jinping came to power Chinese mainland.

  In his early years, Lee Teng-hui was often criticized by the outside world for his deep power schemes, and in his later years, he was full of controversy because of his repeated shocking remarks. However, through the content of the book, we can find that in fact, he is good at sniffing out the political atmosphere, good at conveying political ideas, and all his words and deeds have long had a context to follow, and this can also explain why the masses who follow his spiritual ideas position Lee Teng-hui as the father of Taiwan and are undefeated.

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