Action Plan

  2023 is Lee Teng-hui's 100th birthday, he laid the foundation for Taiwan's peace and prosperity, and the ideas and spirit he brought to Taiwan have gained great repercussions, and it will be our goal and honor to make this website to commemorate the contribution of Senior Lee Teng-hui.


  Interpreting this topic in the form of a website is a way to break with tradition. In the past, monotonous routine work was usually used, but now it is the era of Internet popularization and information development, so we take advantage of the advantage of the website to quickly obtain information, and turn the advantage into a victory.


  Personally went to various relevant locations to shoot records and make his own films to commemorate Lee Teng-hui. It is also worth mentioning an interesting method, we find some precious old photos of the past and reproduce the pictures in these photos with our team members.