Zeng Wun-huei

前總統Lee Teng-hui女兒Lee An-ni

▲ Zeng Wun-huei, wife of former President Lee Teng-hui / Source:《Mirror Weekly》

Category Introduce
Name Zeng Wun-huei
Gender woman
Gorn Born in 1926 in Shimen District, New Taipei City
Identity Lee Teng-hui's wife (married on February 9, 1949) had a man and two daughters, namely Lee Hsien-moon, Anna Lee and Anne Lee


  Zeng Wenhui's family is very rich, at that time their family's land was the most freshwater, there were many doctors pursuing Zeng Wenhui, but Zeng Wenhui decisively refused, and finally he chose Lee Teng-hui, a family friend, through Zeng Wenhui's family lineage, but also greatly helped Lee Teng-hui run for president, it is interesting that Zeng Wenhui sat on the side of the road crying when she was a child, and just happened to be seen by a physiognomist, so he said to her mother: "Don't look at this boy! She will be 'Mrs. Yipin' in the future." After that, Lee Teng-hui went to the United States to study, Zeng Wenhui also followed, at that time Lee Teng-hui's income was not high enough, their living expenses were Zeng Wenhui's dowry (gold) to pawn, at the end of the 2000 presidential election, Zeng Wenhui was accused of carrying tens of millions of dollars to the United States, and later won the case and successfully cleared her innocence, and Zeng Wenhui has been by Lee Teng-hui's side since then.

Date Life stories
1926 born
1949 Married to Lee Teng-hui
1950 Lee Xianwen was born
1954 Anna Lee was born
2000 Accused of carrying money to the United States


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