Lee Kun-yi

前總統Lee Teng-hui女兒Lee An-ni

▲ Lee Teng-hui's granddaughter / Source: 《Baidu Encyclopedia》

Category Introduce
Name Li Kunyi
Gender Woman
Born Born in 1981
Identity Lee Hsien-wen's daughter and Lee Teng-hui's granddaughter

 After graduating from the Department ofManagement of the London School of Economics and Political Science in the United Kingdom, Li Kunyi went to Italy to study at the Institute of Fine Management at the University of Milan, and after returning to Taiwan, she engaged in the furniture industry, and owned mansions such as Hongxi Villa given by Lee Teng-hui

  Due to her poor academic performance, Li Kunyi did not even pass high school, so she had to spend a lot of money to study in the UK. After returning from school, he has been working in an Italian furniture store owned by his mother.

  On December 15, 2015, Li Kunyi got married and married Zhao Zankai, the general manager of Kaiwo Hong Kong Branch who had been with him for seven years. On the same day, Lee Teng-hui took Lee Kunyi's hand and walked into the auditorium and personally handed over his granddaughter to the groom

Date Life stories
1981 Born
1996 Study abroad
2015 Marriage


Reference data: 《Baidu Encyclopedia》