Project Elements

● What information technology was used in the completion of the thematic research project?
Information Technology used Usage
Scanner The conversion of relevant papers and documents into electronic files.
Desktop computer and Laptop Organization of past years into information tables, verbatim transcription of oral materials, analyzation and organization of relevant historical materials, and creation of the thematic research project website.
Projector Projection of relevant data for the teacher to revise, as well as the reports of data compilation progress by team members during weekly discussion sessions.
Smartphone Allows team members to be linked to cloud data anytime, anywhere, receive the latest progress updates, as well as record the discussion process through photos or videos.
Art Tablet Creation of website artwork.
Digital Camera Used for senior oral history recording
Monocular camera Visiting records.
Pendrive/Drive Storage and backup of data.
Computer software Website construction: Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2022
Creation of artistic elements: Adobe Photoshop CC 202
Image processing:Adobe Lightroom Classic CC
Cloud drive: Google Drive、OneDrive
Word processing software:Google Docs、Word、Excel、PowerPoint
Communication software: Messager、Discord、LINE、Gmail
Browser:Google Chrome、Microsoft Edge
Mind map construction:Xmind ZEN 2021

● How to play the role of "ambassador" through contact with individuals and teams:
During his 12 years in politics, Lee Teng-hui planted a seed for democracy in Taiwan. Growing up in Tamshui, Lee came to Tamshui High School (now Tamkang High School) as a distinguished alumnus during his schooling. During his presidency, he made significant contributions to Taiwan's politics, such as bringing Taiwan to democratization and promoting the "10,000-year parliamentary re-election". He died of septic shock on July 39, 2020, but his spirit of democracy is still deeply engraved in the hearts of Taiwanese people. Through our research and interviews, we hope to understand Mr. Lee's dedication to Taiwan and let more people know how the current democracy and freedom came to be.
● What kind of impact and impact has the thematic research program had on us?

Making this website made me learn that many things in the world are not as simple as I thought, but there are many unexpected truths. I also found out how to find more accurate information while making the website. When looking for a piece of information, you can first Go to the websites that people often visit to search, or spend more time looking at the content of each website, and then summarize the key points that most of the websites have similar content, and then look at the content of other websites that are different from other content. Similar key points can be picked up as a supplement. To find the correct information, you can also find the required articles from the academic paper website. When I was looking for information about Lee Teng-hui, I learned about Lee Teng-hui's health status in the article. Lee Teng-hui was plagued by many diseases in his later years, such as diabetes, colorectal cancer, cataract, tuberculosis, and even set a record for the world's oldest age when he installed a vertebral artery stent at the age of 92. Vertebral artery stent surgery record

● Discover, learn and wonder

During this project, I found many things that I had never done or thought about, such as how to set up a website, compile information, etc. I found that the exchange between seniors and juniors can stimulate more ideas. This is not only more efficient, but also saves a lot of time when reviewing information. The atmosphere of brainstorming is an integral part of the process, and the feeling of moving forward towards the same goal brings more emotion to the whole project; and the amazing thing is that they were awarded the World Platinum Award last time.