Lee Deng-cin

Lee Deng-cin

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Name Lee Deng-cin
Gender Man
Born Born in 1921 in Sanzhi District, New Taipei City
Pass away He died in Manila, Philippines in 1945
Identity The eldest son of the Li Jinlong family and the elder brother of Lee Teng-hui

  Lee Teng-chin graduated from Tamsui Higher Primary School, became a police officer in 1938, married his wife Li Hongwei in the same year, and served as an inspector in Taipei Prefecture in 1942, and in 1940, Lee Teng-chin was inspired by the imperial nationalization movement and decided to let the family change the Japanese surname "Iwasato", and Lee Teng-chin changed his name to "Iwasato"

  In World War II, Lee Teng-chin applied for the Navy Special Volunteer System in 1943, entered the Naval Volunteer Training Institute on October 1, 1943, and went to the Kaohsiung Naval Corps on April 1, 1944 for a three-month professional training. I've never been so excited in my life. From now on, I only pray that the day when I become a dignified imperial navy and serve the country will come soon.

  In July 1944, Lee Teng-chin went to the Philippines to participate in the Pacific War, and during the Battle of Manila in 1945, he was killed by US fighter fire on a warship on February 15, and sank into the sea with the warship.

  In 2006, Lee Teng-hui went to the Yasukuni Shrine in his private capacity to mourn Lee Teng-chin

Date Life stories
1921 Born
1938 Worked as a policeman and married a wife at the same time
1940 Name Japan changed
1942 Served as an inspector of Taipei State
1943 Entered the Naval Volunteer Training Institute
1944 He went to Kaohsiung for training, and before July, he went to the Philippines to participate in the Pacific War
1945 Pass away
2006 Lee Teng-hui went to Japan to mourn Lee Teng-chin