Lee Sian-wun

Lee Teng-hui之子Lee Sian-wun

▲ Lee Sian-wun, son of Lee Teng-hui / Source: 《Chinese Encyclopedia》

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Name Lee Sian-wun
Gender Man
Born Born in 1950
Died He died prematurely of nasopharyngeal cancer in 1982
Identity The son of Lee Teng-hui, the eldest son in the family, he has a daughter, Li Kunyi

  Lee Sian-wun graduated from the Department of Political Science of Cultural University, went to Japan for short-term further study, returned to Taiwan and re-entered the Cultural University, and entered the Three People's Principles Institute and obtained a doctorate, in 1979 Lee Sian-wun married Zhang Yueyun and was pregnant with a daughter (Li Kunyi), unfortunately at 1:50 a.m. on March 21, 1982,Lee Sian-wun died of nasopharyngeal cancer, for which Lee Teng-hui was extremely sad, vowed not to be stained with tobacco and alcohol from now on, Zeng Wenhui was even more traumatized, once wanted to hit the wall to commit suicide, Li and his wife in memory of their only son, A memorial service is held for him every year on March 21.

Date Life stories
1950 Born
1979 Married Zhang Yueyun
1981 Li Kunyi was born
1982 Pass away


Reference:《 Encyclopedia Chinese》