Lee Jin-long

總統Lee Teng-hui先生玉照

▲ Lee Jin-long/Source: 《New Taipei City Council

Category Introduce
Name Lee Jin-long
Gender Man
Born Born in 1899
Death April 19, 1995
Identity Lee Teng-hui's father

  During the Japanese occupation, he served as a plainclothes policeman, and after World War II, he also served as a member of the 4th and 5th Taipei County Assembly, the first wife was Jiang Jin (the daughter of the local Baozheng, the family is very good), and has two sons, respectively Lee Teng-chin and Lee Teng-hui, but Lee Teng-chin died unexpectedly in World War II, his wife Jiang Jin died in 1945 due to excessive longing, because Lee Teng-chin's remaining children were not taken care of, Li Jinlong planned to continue his life, married a new wife in 1947, and gave birth to a daughter and a son, but unfortunately the daughter died of tuberculosis, Only another son, Li Bingnan, remained.

1992年還特別為Lee Jin-long蓋一座橋,並邀請本人前來觀禮
1992年還特別為Lee Jin-long蓋一座橋,並邀請本人前來觀禮

▲ In 1992, he also built a bridge for Li Jinlong and invited him to come to the ceremony./Source::《Google map》

Date Life stories
1899 Born
Unknown First wife Jiang Jin
1921 Lee Teng-chin was born
1923 Lee Teng-hui was born
1947 Second wife
1950 Li Bingnan was born
1958 Member of the 4th Taipei County Council
1961 Member of the 5th Taipei County Assembly
1992 Birth of Jinlong Bridge
1995 Pass away


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