Health Status

Time Introduce
2000 He was diagnosed with heart problems, installed more than ten heart blood stents, and developed colorectal and skin cancer problems in the following years.
2002 Lee Teng-Hui was admitted to nearby hospitals suddenly, where diagnosed with active tuberculosis and even spread to personal entourages.
2005 Lee Teng-Hui was absent from several events due to severe hip pain, it was reported that it resulted from spine spur and sciatic nerve pain.
2011.11 Lee Teng-Hui was diagnosed with Stage II Colorectal Cancer, grew a 3.5cm adenocarcinoma inside the colon.
2013 he had a vertebral artery surgery. And in 2014, he was claimed to have skin cancer.


he was rushed to the Taipei Veterans General Hospital after having a glass of milk, resulting in rumors and reports of his worsen health conditions. He eventually passed away on the night of July 30 of the same year.


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