Events Over the Years

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1923 1 Born on January 15 in Putoukeng, Sanzhizhuang, Tamsui County (now Pupingli, Sanzhi District, New Taipei City)
1929-1935 7-13 Due to family factors, he attended four public schools, namely Xizhi, Nangang, Sanzhi and Tamsui
1937 15 Studied at Taipei National High School, and transferred to the second grade of Tamsui Middle School the following year (now Tamjiang Senior High School in Tamsui District, New Taipei City)
1941 19 Attended Taipei High School
1943 21 Graduated from Taipei High School in September 09
In October, he entered the Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto Imperial University, Japan.
1944 22 In February, he was drafted as a student soldier and briefly returned to Kaohsiung, Taiwan for basic training, and was sent to the Kaohsiung anti-aircraft artillery unit in Taiwan
1945 23 01 returned to Japan with the troops
In August 08, he retired from the army with the rank of second lieutenant and returned to Kyoto Imperial University
1946 24 He returned to Taiwan and entered the Department of Agricultural Economics, College of Agriculture, National Taiwan University, which was renamed from Taipei Imperial University, for the second year
1948 26 He graduated from National Taiwan University in August and served as a teaching assistant in the College of Agriculture
1949 27 Married Ms. Zeng Wenhui on February 09
1950 28 In September, the eldest son, Li Xianwen, was born
1952 30 In January, the eldest daughter Li Anna was born
In March, he won the Sino-US Foundation Scholarship and went to study at Iowa State University Research Institute in the United States
1953 31 After returning to Taiwan with a master's degree from the United States, he served as a technician and head of the Economic Analysis Unit of the Agriculture and Forestry Department of the Taiwan Provincial Government, and a lecturer in the Department of Agriculture and Economics of National Taiwan University
1954 32 In June, the second daughter Annie Lee was born
1955 33 In May, he served as a researcher of the Taiwan Provincial Cooperation Bank and a faculty member of National Taiwan University
1957 35 In July, he served as a technician of the Joint Committee for Rural Revitalization (CAA) and an associate professor in the Department of Economics of National Taiwan University
1961 39 He was baptized as a Christian because of his wife
1965 43 In September, he received a joint lecture from the Rockefeller Agricultural Economics Association and Cornell University, and went to Cornell University in the United States to pursue a doctorate
1968 46 In July, he received his doctorate degree from Cornell and returned to Taiwan to serve as a professor of the Agricultural Rehabilitation Association and National Taiwan University
1969 47 His doctoral dissertation, "Intersectoral Capital Flows in the Bconomic Development of Taiwan, 1895-1960," was selected as "Paper of the Year" by the American Agricultural Economics Association
In June, he returned home after being interviewed by the police chief for 17 hours, and the interrogation lasted for a week
1970 48 He was promoted to the head of the Rural Economy Group of the Agricultural Rehabilitation Association
1971 49 On August 25, he joined the Chinese Kuomintang
1972 50 In June, he became a member of the Executive Yuan, the youngest cabinet member and advisor to the Agricultural Rehabilitation Association
1973 51 The Executive Yuan announced ten major construction plans and was responsible for the petrochemical development plan
1975 53 On November 02, as a special envoy, he celebrated the 100th anniversary of the constitution of the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific
1976 54 In November, he was elected as a member of the 11th Central Committee of the Kuomintang
1977 55 On August 14, he presided over the five-year plan for the implementation of vocational training developed by the Technical and Vocational Training Group of the Executive Yuan, which was approved and implemented by the administrative agency
1978 56 In June, he served as the mayor of Taipei City
1979 57 Taipei City carried out the expressway system, and the Executive Yuan held the first Taipei Music Season through the construction of the Jade Reservoir, Xinyi Project, and the fourth phase of tap water in Taipei District
In May, the eldest son Li Xianwen married Ms. Zhang Yueyun
In December, he was elected as a member of the Standing Committee of the Central Committee of National Industry for the first time
1980 58 In June, he led a mayoral friendship delegation to visit the United States
08 Published "Economic Analysis of Taiwan's Agricultural Development"
1981 59 In June, he led a delegation to visit the United States again and attended the annual meeting of mayors in the United States
In August, the eldest granddaughter Li Kunyi was born
In November, President Chiang Ching-kuo appointed Chairman of the Taiwan Provincial Government and was sworn in on December 5
1982 60 In February, he advocated the training of 80,000 peasant households for agricultural construction
In March, the eldest son Li Xianwen passed away
1983 61 In January, three volumes of "Essays on Agricultural Economics in Millibay" were published
1984 62 On February 15, he was nominated by the Kuomintang as a vice presidential candidate, and was elected on March 22 and May 20
In August, he was ordered to deal with the parole of the inmates Lin Yixiong and Gao Junming in the parole of the Formosa Island
In September, he was sent to attend the inauguration ceremony of South African President Botha
1985 63 On February 24, he went to attend the inauguration ceremony of Uruguayan President Joguinetti and visited Paraguay
In March, "The Contribution of Taiwan's Agricultural Land Reform to Rural Society" was published
On September 04, he visited Panama, Guatemala and Costa Rica in Central America
In November, "Love and Faith: A Collection of Mr. Lee Teng-hui's Sermon Testimonies" was published
On November 05, he was awarded the Order of Qingyun 1st Class
1987 65 In September, he served as the convener of the "Mainland Policy Task Force" of the Kuomintang Central Committee
1988 66 On January 13, Chiang Ching-kuo died and was sworn in as president
On January 27, he acted as chairman of the Kuomintang
On July 08, the 13th National Congress of the Kuomintang was elected as the chairman of the Kuomintang
On December 10, the IDE of the self-made fighter of the Chinese people left the factory and named it "Jingguo"
1989 67 On February 03, the first senior central public opinion representative voluntary retirement regulations were announced"
On March 06, he led a delegation to visit Singapore and began pragmatic diplomacy
On July 01, the quality of farmers' health insurance was officially implemented
In 08, the Taiwan-US fisheries agreement came into effect
On September 01, the underground railway project of Tongbei Station was put into operation
1990 68 In January, the administrative agency opened grassroots civil servants to visit relatives in the mainland and Taiwan compatriots stranded in the mainland to return to Taiwan to visit relatives
On March 21, he received representatives of the Wild Lily Student Movement
On April 12, the Executive Yuan approved the high-speed rail plan
On May 20, he became the eighth president, showing his determination to amend the constitution and granting amnesty to 20 people, including Annette Lu and Chen Ju
On June 28, the no-founding of the country was a meeting, and the consensus of the president and the opposition was reached
The National Unification Conference was held on October 07, and the National Unification Program was adopted on February 23 of the following year
On December 29, the Regulations on Promoting Industrial Upgrading were promulgated
Open up the establishment of private banks
1991 69 In January, the Mainland Committee of the Executive Yuan was established
In March 03, the Straits Exchange Foundation was established
On March 02, he received the families of the victims of 228 at the presidential palace
On April 22, the first phase of the First National Assembly amended the Constitution, passing the "Additional Articles of the Constitution of the Republic of China", abolishing the temporary provisions of the period of mobilization and counter-insurgency
On April 04, 30, it was announced that the period of mobilization and counterinsurgency would end on May 1
On May 01, the first "Additional Articles of the Constitution of the Republic of China" were announced, explicitly abolishing the "Temporary Provisions for the Period of Mobilization and Counter-insurgency"
On November 12, Taiwan joined the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) under the name of "Chinese Taipei"
On December 16, the Nanhui Railway was opened to traffic, completing the roundabout railway
On December 21, Taiwan, Peng, Jin, and Malaysia elected deputies to the Second National Congress
On December 31, all the senior central people's representatives resigned, and the 10,000-year National Assembly ended
1992 70 On May 15, the Legislative Yuan passed the 100th amendment to the Criminal Law, which excludes the criminalization of ideological rebellion
On May 27, the Second National Assembly passed eight additional articles to the Constitution, completing the second phase of constitutional amendment
On July 31, the "Regulations on the Relationship between the People of the Haowan Area and the Mainland Area" were promulgated
1993 71 On April 27, the first Koo Wang talks were held in Singapore, and four agreements were signed
The insurance market was fully opened in April
On May 20, the concept of governing the country by the community of life was proposed
In August, the Ministry of Economic Affairs began to promote seven major industries such as aerospace
On December 30, the Organic Law of the National Security Council and the Organic Law of the National Security Bureau were promulgated."
The president has decision-making power on defense, foreign affairs, and continental policy
1994 72 In January, we promoted the southbound policy and strengthened economic and trade relations and technical cooperation between Taiwan and Southeast Asia
02/09 Ice breaking trip to the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand
On February 20, Taiwan-Philippines cooperation in the development of "Subic Bay Industrial Zone" broke ground, and the southbound policy took the first step
On March 22, he published a talk on "Starting from Community Culture", and the Cultural Construction Association promoted the "Community Building Plan"
On April 10, he participated in the aboriginal culture conference, replaced the title of "mountain compatriot" with an aborigine, and added the name "aborigine" to the constitution when the constitution was amended in July 07
In April he had a conversation with Sima Liaotaro, referring to the "sadness of the place" of the Taiwanese and saying that the Kuomintang was a foreign power
05/04 to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, South Africa, Eswatini for a transcontinental trip
On July 28, the Second National Assembly passed the bill to amend the Constitution by the president directly elected by the citizens, completing the third stage of constitutional amendment
In September 09, in response to the voice of society, judicial reform was initiated
On September 07, Taiwan's organization in the United States was renamed as "Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States"
On September 21, the Executive Yuan established the Education Reform Review Committee to promote education reform
On December 03, the first election for the governor of Taiwan and the mayor of Taipei and Kaohsiung was held
1995 73 On January 01, "Managing Greater Taiwan" was published, proposing to "operate Greater Taiwan and establish a new Central Plains"
Governing philosophy
On February 02, the World Trade Group (WT0) became an observer through Taiwan
On February 28, the "228 Monument" was completed, representing a public apology from the government
Universal health insurance was launched on March 01
04/01 Visited the United Arab Emirates and Jordan
On April 07, the "228 Incident Handling and Compensation Ordinance" was promulgated
04/08 sent "Li Liutiao" to the National Unification Council in response to "Jiang Eight Points"
On June 10, he delivered a special speech on "What the People Want, Grow in My Heart" at Cornell University, my alma mater
1996 74 On February 26, in response to the threat of the CCP's military exercise, a "eighteen sets of scripts" was published
On March 23, he was elected president for the first direct election by the people
On March 28, the first domestic MRT Muzha line was opened to traffic
Taken in as the ninth president on May 20, the cover of the American magazine "Ncwsweek" is called
"Mr. Democracy"
On September 14, the principle of no haste, be patient was revealed, and the economic and trade system was opened in response to the rainy coast
On October 24, he proposed "Spiritual Reform" to create the second stage of Taiwan's experience
The National Development Conference was held on December 23, and the government and opposition reached consensus on promoting the fourth phase of constitutional amendment, the abolition of provincial capitals, and the acceleration of the privatization of public utilities
1997 75 On February 25, the "228 Incident Handling and Compensation Regulations" was promulgated and amended, and the Peace Memorial Day was changed to a national holiday
On March 27, he received the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet
On July 18, the fourth phase of the Third National Assembly amended the Constitution, passing the freezing of provinces and the abolition of the Legislative Yuan
The right of consent of the court
1998 76 On January 26, he was interviewed by the German "Der Spiegel", explaining that China is a sovereign and independent country and does not apply the "one rain system"
On June 17, the regulations on compensation for improper rebellion and bandit espionage trials during the martial law period were promulgated"
On July 01, public television was launched
On September 12, it was clearly declared that "the government of the Republic of China no longer claims to represent all of China, but only seeks to represent the 21.8 million people of Taiwan"
In the mayoral election of Beigaoyu City on October 14, the concept of new Taiwanese was put forward
1999 77 May 20 published "Taiwan's Claim"
07/09 Interview with Deutsche Welle proposed that the rain bank positioning is full of "special state-to-state relations"
On September 03, the third National Assembly carried out the fifth phase of constitutional amendment, and the term of office of legislators from the fifth term was changed to four years
On September 25, the city issued an emergency order to respond to the 921 earthquake and make every effort to provide disaster relief
On December 10, he attended the inauguration ceremony of Asia's first human rights monument on Green Island, and unveiled the "Weeping Monument" written by Bai Yang and others
2000 78 On January 29, the National Defense Law and the amendment of the Organic Law of the Ministry of National Defense were promulgated to establish the nationalization of the armed forces
On February 09, the "Regulations on the Establishment and Management of the National Financial Stability Fund" was promulgated
Resigned as chairman of the Kuomintang on March 24
On April 24, the third National Assembly carried out the sixth stage of constitutional amendment, completing the virtual level of the National University
On May 20, power was peacefully transferred, and Chen Shui-bian succeeded him as president, completing the first political party rotation
On November 01, he co-published "Asia's Wisdom Strategy" with Nakashima Ling Yu
2001 79 In May, "Transcript of Lee Teng-hui's Confession of Government" was published
On August 15, the Taiwan Solidarity Alliance was established
On October 01, Yoshinori Kobayashi co-published "The Teachings of Lee Teng-hui's School"
On December 3, the group committee was established, and in May 2003, Lee Teng-hui School was officially opened
2002 80 October publication of "Compassion and Tolerance"
2003 81 On September 06, he served as the general convener of the "Taiwan Correct Name" movement, calling for mass demonstrations
2004 82 Published on 02/01 "Bushido Problem Solving: The Fundamentals of Being Human"
On February 8, the forum of "The First Family Constitution • Taiwan Voice" advocated the formulation of a new constitution
On February 28, he launched "228 million people holding hands to protect Taiwan" and served as the general convener
In May, "Witnessing Taiwan: President Chiang Ching-kuo and I" was published
On November 15, the "921 Earthquake Relief Diary" was published.
2006 83 On January 09, the National History Museum published a set of books entitled "Lee Teng-hui's Photo Collection"
04 published "Taiwanese in the New Era"
2007 85 In an exclusive interview on January 29, he said that Taiwan is already a sovereign and independent country, and the goal is national normalization
2008 86 On May 17, the National History Museum published a series of books entitled "Interview with President Lee Teng-hui"
2009 87 05 Publication of "Conditions for Supreme Leaders"
2010 88 In September, personal Facebook, Poofang, Twitter, etc. were launched. and held for the first time on October 30
Netizen Club
2011 89 On November 1, he was hospitalized for colorectal cancer
Issued on December 23 (There is no consensus at the 92 talks, history cannot be distorted" statement
2012 90 In April, a two-year local grassroots tour and university speeches were launched from the Shangping area
June 11 "Heart-to-heart bonds" from Japan and Taiwan
2013 91 On June 1, "Where is Hewan going in the 21st Century" and "Who to see for the main work:
Lee Teng-hui's Confession of Faith
On July 12, he was admitted to the hospital for vertebral artery stent positioning surgery
2014 92 On March 21, in response to the Sunflower Student Movement President Ma they should come forward to listen to students
2015 93 On July 21, he visited Tokyo, Fukushima and other places in Japan, and gave his first speech at the First Members' Hall of the House of Representatives of the Diet
On August 22, the second democratic reform was proposed, transforming the tragedy and decline of being born a Taiwanese into a life
For the happiness of Taiwanese"
On August 26, the Chinese edition of "New Taiwan Proposal" was published
In December, the eldest granddaughter Li Kunyi got married
2016 94 In February, "The Rest of My Life: My Life Journey and Taiwan's Road to Democracy" was published
June 27 Koichi Yohamada, co-published "Japan-Taiwan l0T Alliance 1 The Fourth Industrial Revolution
Explode in East Asia》
Published on June 30《Passionate Sincerity and Concern – What I Want to Tell Japan People》
2017 95 On December 27, he opened "Genxingju Biotechnology Co., Ltd." and served as the chairman of the board of directors to cultivate Taiwanese wagyu "Genxing Beef"
2018 96 On April 7, he expressed support for the constitution of the right name, the implementation of sovereignty in the people, and the deepening of democracy through a referendum
On June 22, he went to Okinawa, Japan to participate in the unveiling ceremony of the memorial monument for the war dead of the Hewan people
2019 97 On October 19, he attended the fundraising dinner of the Lee Teng-hui Foundation to support President Tsai Ing-wen's re-election
2020 98 On February 8, he choked on liquid food and was sent to Rong's emergency department
He died at 7:24 p.m. on July 30 at Taipei Veterans General Hospital at the age of 98

Source: Remembrance of Lee Teng-hui's life



Reference: 《Memoirs of the Life of Lee Teng-hui